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We create Deeper Travel Systems for the conscious traveller.

Upgrade your life and make a positive difference to your destination.

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Deeper Micro Adventures Kit

Our special contribution to our community during COVID-19.

Design your own deeper micro adventure anywhere - inside, back yard, locally or domestic.

BENEFITS: fun, active, connecting, meaningful.

Is Deeper Travel Right for you?

  • you want deeper travel experiences

  • you care about sustainable travel

  • you prefer smaller local accommodation

  • you appreciate connecting meaningfully with people

  • you care about positive impact of your travel on the environment, the local communities

  • you prefer that as much money as possible goes to benefit local communities

  • you want to create habits that will lead to a more fulfilling life you love

  • you are open to thinking about your inner journey in the context of travel

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I know you are tired, but come. This is the way.  Rumi

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Why we need to do it differently

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the negative impacts of mass tourism: environmental damage, exploitation of local communities, much of the income from tourism going to large international corporations rather than to benefit local areas. Traditional travel agents and the commission based income stream pushes travellers into mass market destinations, internationally owned accommodation and overrun experiences.


We believe that we can (and must) travel differently - in a way that both benefits us deeply and permanently and also sustainably benefits local environments and people.

This new movement is purposeful conscious travel - Transformational Travel.

This style of travel is significantly more satisfying and enjoyable. It involves us taking extra time in each location, being intentional about connecting with others, being mindful and curious about others' cultures and beliefs, being mindful of the effect that we have on the environment, and focusing on how we grow as individuals through our travel experiences.

Book a free call to find out if this new way of travelling is for you - we love talking to travellers!

How it works

Three ways for you to undertake your deeper travel journey:

1. Deeper Travel Kit

This self-paced guided course is perfect if you love to design your own memorable travel experiences. The instructional videos, researched based tools and detailed manual guide you through an enjoyable thought provoking process through which you determine your character strengths and how to use these to travel deeper. 

2. Customised Deeper Travel

Do you prefer to get the experts to do the designing for you? Then this is the option for you. You decide your destination and we create the perfect Deeper Travel Itinerary.

3. Deeper Travel Advice

You like the idea of deeper travel but aren't yet ready to go all the way. You can still get advice about destinations, the type of accommodation that would suit you, the sort of activities and experiences that will give your holiday some greater depth.

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