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Hi and welcome to The Custom Path.

We believe that travel is a great opportunity to both explore a new destination but also to explore ourselves.


We started travelling over 30 years ago. Initially our travel was focused around going to several countries, looking at the big sites and moving on as fast as possible to the next location.


We felt that because Australia was so far away we had to cram everything into a short time.  We had fun but as we became more experienced we felt that we could have better experiences by taking a little more time, finding a regular coffee shop or bar and connecting with people. We were initially quite wary because there are so many warnings of scammers, pickpockets, and rip offs but as we became more experienced we found just the right mix. We also started becoming more aware and reflecting inwardly about our attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

We came to some wonderful realisations that resulted in us both growing as people and  leading more fulfilled lives.


We look forward to supporting you to deepen your travel experiences and your overall fulfilment in life.

Give us a call or email or fill in our contact form and we'll call you. We love talking to other travellers.


Jody and Troy

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