Micro Adventures Kit

COVID-19 isolation and restrictions can negatively effect our mental health. We have personally experienced ups and downs of isolation and have been using deeper travel principles to inject some fun and growth during this challenging time.


We created this kit and offer it to you for FREE as our contribution to our community. We look forward to hearing how your micro adventures are making your life better.

This kit will take you step-by-step through a fun process so you can design your own Deeper Micro Adventure.  

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What are micro adventures

Transformational travel doesn't only happen when you visit exotic overseas destinations. Micro-adventures are short and simple ways to weave more adventure and growth into your everyday life during the pandemic. This might even be a special picnic or loungeroom camping or a backyard exploration adventure. Micro adventures can also be short neighbourhood walks or weekend trips in your local area. 

There are a couple of special ingredients that make a simple activity into a Deeper micro-adventure. These are being intentional, making an effort and going out of our comfort zone.

Benefits of Deeper Travel:

1. Experience a more fulfilling activity

2. Recapture your zest and joy in life

3. Get the time you need to work out who you are and what's next for you.

4. Find the space to work out what changes in our world mean for you

5. Discover what a fulfilling life looks like for you

6. Make stronger more lasting relationships

7. Make a greater contribution to our community and environment

8. Feel more connected to people and place.

What's in the kit

The kit contains everything you need to design your own Deeper Micro Adventure.

You get:

1. A Deeper Micro Adventure workbook.

2. Instructional videos and comprehensive instructions.

3. Ideas for the type of activities and experiences that will lead to personal growth.

4. Adventure templates and guides.

5. Daily journal prompts.

6. Membership in a private curated Facebook Group to share ideas and experiences with our supportive community. 

7. Ideas for how to continue receiving the benefits of Deeper Micro Adventures.

8. Exclusive discounts for The Custom Path products.

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Get your free

kit here

We are offering our Deeper Micro Adventures Kit for free during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to contribute positively to our community. 

We know that you will enjoy the benefits of Deeper Adventures and also being part of our community.