The Deeper Travel Kit

We created this kit for people who prefer to do it themselves. For many people planning their own adventure is part of the fun. This kit will take you step-by-step through a fun process so you can design your own Deeper Travel experience.

It can be used for all types of travel in all types of destinations:

  • micro or longer duration

  • domestic or international

  • adventure travel, independent or group travel. Even cruising.  

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Rolands Varsbergs

Benefits of Deep Travel

Benefits of Deeper Travel:

1. Experience a more fulfilling holiday

2. Recapture your zest and joy in life

3. Get the time you need to work out who you are and what's next for you.

4. Find the space to work out what changes in our world means for you

5. Discover what a fulfilling life looks like for you

6. Make stronger more lasting relationships

7. Make a greater contribution to the destination, people and environment

8. Feel more connected to people and place

9. You're great now but wonder if this is your 'best life'.

10. Automatically carbon offset your travels.

11. Money back guarantee.

What's in the kit

The kit contains everything you need to design your own transformational travel experience.

You get:

1. A researched online happiness measurement tool

2. A researched online tool for you to discover your character strengths

3. A personalised comprehensive Deeper Travel manual

4. A series of instructional videos

5. Recommendations for the type of activities and experiences that will lead to personal growth

6. Sustainable travel recommendations

7. Daily meditation and journal prompts

8. Ideas for how to continue the benefits of Deeper Travel when you return home.

9. Automatic carbon offset for your travel.

10. 10% donation to

11. Money back guarantee.

Image by Alex Wolo
Image by Linh Nguyen

What's it cost?

The special introductory price of the Deeper Travel Kit is:

  • AUD178 (about US125) including carbon offset


This is a 30% Saving on the regular price of AUD242 international.

Money Back Guarantee.


It's our purpose to make a positive difference to your life and the lives of people at your destination.

If you don't think the Deeper Travel Kit adds depth to your holiday then we'll refund your money (except for the carbon offset component) - no questions asked.