Custom Deeper Travel

We love designing unique holidays and can design the perfect Transformational Travel experience for you. This involves a coaching conversation with you that will give us the information we need to design a travel itinerary and a matching deeper travel system that you can implement on your holiday. We have an easy four step process:


In this 45 min consultation we guide you through a powerful process to discover your personal growth goals, character strengths and your travel preferences.



Based on the insights from the Discovery session, We custom design the perfect combination of deeper travel strategies and holiday experiences.

Cost $165 for the Discovery consultation and Design.

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We prepare a detailed

Growth / Travel Design.

Includes detailed strategies, daily habits, tools, flights, accommodation, experiences. Everything you need to achieve lasting growth and book your holiday.

Cost 10% of travel cost


A minimum of two coaching sessions are included.
1. Pre-departure coaching 45min consultation.

2. Return consultation 30min to consolidate your growth.

The Discovery Call


Your adventure begins with a 45-minute video call with your own personal Travel Designer/Mentor. We’ll get to know one another better, discuss the specifics of where you want to go and what you want to do, and begin a conversation about why you are going on this adventure and what you want to get out of your Journey. All of this helps us craft the perfect travel experience for you!

We guide you through a process designed to help you to clarify your personal growth goals. To give you an example others have discovered a desire for greater overall fulfilment in life, less anxiety, deeper relaxation, better relationships and more authentic connection.


At the end of the Discovery Call you will be clear on your growth goals and we will have all the information we need to create your perfect holiday. 

Foundation Design


With the information from the Discovery Call we create your perfect journey design.


This will include:

1. Your growth goals

2. Strategies to meet your goals

3. Journey outline - tentative dates, destinations, types of experiences and activities, and style of accommodation.

4. Approximate travel costs.

Even if you decide not to travel, this is a powerful document which will give you directions to achieve your life goals. 

Cost $165


  • 45 Minute Discovery Call

  • Foundation Design Document.

Detailed Design


Once you requested any changes to the foundation design our growth and travel designers will put together the details of your trip.

This will include:

1. Your growth goals

2. Strategies to meet your goals

3. Specific actions for you to take when you are on your holiday so you can create lasting habits to meet and maintain your growth goals

4. Daily tools you can use to create habits for lasting growth

5. Travel Details - flight times, transfer options, accommodation, activities, final cost estimates

6. Links to all travel bookings - we recommend that you make the bookings yourself. This is a good opportunity for you to start to take responsibility for your travel experience. You can also choose any upgrades and specifics like seat selection, in-flight meals, accommodation options such as water view, etc.

Cost 10% of your travel costs


  • Detailed Design Document

  • Growth tools and resources

  • Links to all bookings

  • Detailed costs


How it works:

  • The Foundation Design includes approximate costs for airfare, accommodation, transfers and activities.

  • You pay 10% of this cost before we prepare the Detailed Design.

  • e.g. the Foundation Design approximate cost is $3000 per person. You pay us $300 pp. We then prepare the Detailed Design. 


Optional extra: Booking service

For an additional fee we can also make the travel bookings for you.


How this works:

1. We provide you with the Detailed Design

2. You accept the design and pay the total cost plus 3% within the validity period. e.g. If your total cost of travel is $3000pp you will pay $3000pp plus $90pp for the booking service.

3. We make all the bookings for you

4. Based on our conversations with you we will make any decisions about options. for example: seat selection, flight meal selection, any accommodation options. 

Cost 3% of your travel costs



Just like any skill or practice coaching can give you the motivation, tools and insights that you can't see yourself.

Pre Departure Call

Then continues with a 45min Pre-Departure Call. During this call we coach you through:

1. The growth strategies, action tools and resources. Daily practice of these actions will give you the best chance of creating the habits to achieve your growth goals.

2. All travel booking details.

3. A chance for you to clarify any last minute questions.

The Return

Just because your trip is over doesn’t mean the Journey is finished! You’ll have the opportunity to work with your Travel Designer/Mentor after you get back to make sense of what you experienced, identify things you learned, and discuss actions that you can take — big or small — that will positively impact your life, your community, and the world around you.


A 30min post-travel call is included to help you consolidate any important growth learnings.

Cost: Free