Image by Hu Chen

The Custom Path


  • I will travel deeper - to make a positive impact - for our planet, for people and for wildlife.

  • I will travel with humility seeking to learn and find the positive in the people, culture and destination I explore. 

  • When I explore this planet, I will do my best to be sustainable. I will refuse single use plastics when I can and recycle what I cannot avoid. I will offset my travels.


  • When I meet new people, I will honour their home as I do my own and do so in the spirit of diversity, inclusion and fairness. I will purchase locally made items wherever possible and pay a fair price.

  • When I experience wildlife, I will do so in nature. I will not ride animals that ought not be ridden, nor support animal cruelty in any way.

  • Together, we will travel deeper - and we will make our travel matter.