3 Tools I'm Using To Be My Best Self In This Crisis

people enjoying a swimming hole
Colo-I-Suva Swimming Hole - hectic rope swing

I have mentioned in my previous posts I have noticed myself becoming a little anxious during the crisis. So I have started being more intentional about how I'm acting and thinking - it's making a big difference to how I'm feeling. Some of you might appreciate a different way of approaching these emotionally challenging times. This is also one of the tools that I use to coach Transformational Travel.

1. Congruence. I reflect on the qualities that I value most when I'm being my best self. When I'm acting and thinking in line with these qualities I feel good. Confidence, positivity and communication are important qualities for me. I haven't been acting and thinking in line with these in the past few weeks and that mismatch between how I see my best self and how I'm acting and feeling has made me feel uncomfortable. So now I'm being more intentional to bring confidence, positivity and communication every day and I'm feeling so much better about everything.

2. Connection. I listed the five most important people in my life and reflected on how I can level-up those relationships. One of the reasons that I'm coping so much better now is because I'm consciously reaching out meaningfully and authentically to the people I love.

3. Contribution. When I was in survival mode - I was also in selfish mode. I'm now being intentional about contributing meaningfully to others. This will mean something different for everyone but for me right now it means contributing to those in my local community who need some help and to my broader community with posts such as this one. When I'm being true to my broader purpose of supporting others to live more fulfilling lives I feel more fulfilled myself.

Being intentional around congruence, connection and contribution has helped me to feel more calm, positive and better able to be my best self during this crisis.

The photo is Colo-I-Suva in Fiji. It's close to Suva and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon - the rope swing is a real adrenaline hit.


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