Barcelona... Virtually

This weekend we chose to do some virtual travel in Barcelona. Barcelona can feel overrun with tourists so we preferred to stay in one of the lesser known neighbourhoods and visit some of the less well known sights which made it a little more comfortable.

Before we jump into the activities I'd like to share a travel tip... Savouring. It's a simple travel practice that I've also been doing during social isolation. A couple of times a day I close my eyes and take a couple of breaths. I focus on what I'm doing, where I am, who I'm with, what I'm eating. I try to take a mental picture of all my senses and really feel the gratitude. Often I'm thinking about the future, plans, things I have to do, worries, dreams - but by savouring I bring myself more into the present and I feel way more fulfilled. Give it a try, I'd love to hear if it works for you.

1. Our first virtual activity for the weekend was another Airbnb virtual experience - learn to dance the tango. This one hour experience is hosted by two professional dancers located in Barcelona and cost about A$34 per couple. I'm not much of a dancer but I do love the intimacy of dancing with Jody. This was actually a great activity to do at home - we felt really safe and at ease. There was no pressure to get it right or look good - we felt like we could just relax and have fun. The time went really fast and at the end we had learnt about five basic steps - like all of the dancing we do I was clunky and awkward and Jody was gorgeous and graceful. Instructors Ana and Jorge were fun and supportive and very friendly. They sent a short clip of what we learnt after the lesson so we could keep practising.

2. The dance lessons inspired us to check out some virtual tours below for some interesting and unusual perspectives of Barcelona

3. Oh, don't forget some food - we love a good paella. We didn't try this one yet so I'm not sure how tricky it is but it looks pretty doable.

4. We always try to seek out the less touristy areas - here are a few great ideas

We hope you enjoy these virtual travel ideas.


Troy and Jody

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