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We are excited to announce that we have created a FREE Deeper Micro Adventures Kit as a special contribution to our community.

COVID-19 isolation and restrictions can negatively effect our mental health. We have personally experienced ups and downs of isolation and have been using deeper travel principles to inject some fun and growth during this challenging time.

Micro-adventures are small trips that can last half a day to a couple of days. The beauty of micro-adventures is that you can even do them while you are at home in isolation.

The benefits of Deeper Travel include:

1. Experience a more fulfilling activity

2. Recapture your zest and joy in life

3. Get the time you need to work out who you are and what's next for you.

4. Find the space to work out what changes in our world mean for you

5. Discover what a fulfilling life looks like for you

6. Make stronger more lasting relationships

7. Make a greater contribution to our community and environment

8. Feel more connected to people and place.

We would love you to share the kit as widely as possible We believe that it can make a real positive difference during this challenging time.

Click here for more info and to get your FREE kit >>

We are proud to announce that we have been verified by the Transformational Travel Council as a Transformational Travel Designer. This means that our skills have been officially recognised and also it means we get access to a worldwide group of purpose driven individual, travel companies, local tour operators and local accommodation. We can provide an even deeper more meaningful experience for you.

A couple of interesting surveys were undertaken recently about younger Australians preferring to travel overseas. The reasons cited were, cost of travel in Australia, lack of interesting activities and the desire for a culturally rich 'rite of passage' type of experience. We'd love to hear your opinion about this.

Here is an article that argues that we have all these things in Australia but we have to do better at marketing to younger people >>.

Is it irresponsible and selfish to travel during the COVID pandemic if it's done legally and safely? This is another interesting article that highlights a growing trend of Travel Shaming. What are your thoughts?

Read the article here >>

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