How I’m Avoiding Social Contagion

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Crystal clear stream in Uki NSW Australia

When I feel myself getting a bit anxious I stop, pause, take a few deep breaths and ask myself what I need right now.

For information I’ll go to the WHO website or to the government website. Popular news sources are still competing for my attention so they tend to sensationalise.

For connection I’m staying away from social media. Instead I’ll hug my wife and/or child I love to feel their warmth - it makes me happy. It’s probably not a good idea to hug lots of people but a household member or a pet is perfect.

I’m still planning for future travel. For a couple of days I didn’t feel like planning. Travel seemed so out of the question and it frankly felt unimportant considering what was going on around the world. But planning feels good for me - looking forward to something fun in the future makes me happy now. I know that things are going to get better and that the world will need us to get back to regular consumption as soon as the crisis is over. So I’m planning a work/holiday trip to Eastern Europe for as soon as the dust settles.

I’m exercising daily. This is so important for my mental health. If I can’t go to the gym I’ll go for a walk. If you are stuck inside there are a heap of yoga or light exercise videos on youtube.

I have actually purchased a couple of small things online in the past couple of days. It feels like a treat and makes me feel good.

Let’s spread kindness and connection.

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