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Deeper travel is available to us all - even through micro-adventures close to home - it's our mindset that makes it special.

In the past I have travelled for different reasons: to take a break from stress and work burnout, reconnect with myself and people I love. I travelled to meet new people, learn new ways of living life. I travelled to revel in novelty, beautiful environments, and to challenge myself physically and mentally.

We have been experimenting with different ways to get the benefits of travel without actually travelling.

We have been trying out micro-adventures. Micro-adventures are adventures that are close to home, short, and often inexpensive.

A good micro-adventure can be just as beneficial and transformative as longer travel. Transformative travel helps you figure out who you are, what you believe in, and what is meaningful to you - it has helped me lead a more fulfilling life.

I have found that any activity that has the following characteristics can achieve the benefits of transformational travel.

Firstly by entering a new or novel environment. I try to walk in neighbourhoods or bush tracks that I haven't experienced before. The second way is to feel cognitively and emotionally away from the stresses, expectations, and norms of home and work. This pandemic has made it easier for me to achieve this without travelling - my whole world has been turned upside down and I feel disconnected to my old worries (which are feeling much smaller).

Micro-adventures are possible for almost everyone during this time of Covid-19 they are easily tailored to fit your specific needs, situation and location.

What really matters is an element of novelty and being intentional abut allowing myself to be mentally away.

Some of our home-based micro-adventures have included taking an online tango class, cooking and virtually sharing a meal with some new friends, online travel tours in Costa Rica and Prague, and a laugh therapy session with a comedian in Portugal.

Now that restrictions are easing our next plan is to equip ourselves with an adventure mindset and set off on a spontaneous exploration to discover new aspects of our local town. And then our local region.

It's not how far you travel it's the mindset that makes the difference - Deeper travel is available to us all. Find out how at thecustompath.com.



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