Should we stop travelling abroad?

Here are a couple of awesome articles about the change in travel following Covid19.

The bottom line... we should travel deeper and more sustainably. When travel is done well there are so many benefits to self, the environment, local communities and the environment.

Undertourism vs. Overtourism - can we find a balance?

"I hope people will begin to travel in a more considered and responsible way and embrace slow travel. Initially, we will move in an expanding ring of concentric circles, first, in our own backyards, travelling domestically, allowing us to discover what we took for granted, but also supporting our nearest communities."

"We must broaden our global view, seek to understand how everything is connected, and make decisions that are informed, thoughtful and effective, not just for ourselves but for the greater world we love to explore. “Once we visit a beautiful place, we become its stewards. We have a responsibility to support the people and places after we return home.” And it is in this sentiment that I see our biggest opportunity to effect positive change—as travellers, as world citizens, as humans."

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