Travelling with Che. Motorcycle Diaries Movie Review

The slow times brought on by the corona virus shutdowns have allowed me to indulge in watching some travel related movies from my watch list.

I have just finished the Motorcycle Diaries from back in 2004 about Che Guevara's travels through South America.

I love the clear message (in our (pre covid) age of mass tourism) that travel can enlarge the soul, and even change the world. The movie highlights that Che's travel experiences inspired new perspectives about social justice and is one of the catalysts for the development of his political consciousness.

I'm admit that I'm probably biased - I love most 'travel-as-transformation' movies - but I particularly liked this movie. It made me appreciate the large extent that new experiences and new perspectives coming from genuinely connecting with people while I travel has led to changes in my perspective and values.

In a similar way that I do when I'm travelling, I set an intention prior to starting this movie to focus on any travel as transformation message and to reflect on my own changes through travel.

Unlike Che, I didn't go on to start a revolution but I do feel that travelling deeper and connecting with people, place and culture has led me to my community development and teaching careers and has shaped my values as a person.

I really liked this movie. Let me know what you think.


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