Virtual Itinerary... Prague

Are you dreaming about travel?

Being socially isolated at home doesn't mean we cant still enjoy the pleasure of travel. Up to 50% of the joy of travel is in the planning and anticipation so, to give ourselves a kick of happiness, we have been virtual travelling. This weekend we focused on Prague - here are our recommendations:

1. Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague

AirBNB have created a some really cool online experiences - to support people during the COVID-19 crisis AirBNB don't take a commission so all the money goes to the operator. I think this is great and shows a level of integrity that I really relate to. We tried this one on the weekend. The host, David, had taken a video of his tour route during the crisis - It was amazing to see Prague without all the tourists! He showed the video and talked all about Prague and the plague for over 1.5 hours. There were lots of opportunities for interaction and question asking. It was interesting to see the similarities between the plague of several centuries ago and what we are experiencing now. Grab a glass of wine, sit back and relax and enjoy. The cost was less than A$18. Here's the link.

2. Prague The Honest Guide

A heap of YouTube clips from a local's perspective. Find some lesser known areas off the tourist trail and some great local hints and tricks to help you avoid scams. Check out the YouTube channel here.

3. Cook some international food

Well we actually didn't cook traditional Czech food we tried some Turkish Gozleme and pretended it was part of the theme - this is the beauty of designing your own virtual travel experience. It was easy and super yummy. Here is the recipe we followed.

We hope you enjoy these ideas.

We'd love to hear about your virtual travels during this crisis.


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