Deeper travellers care

An important part of being a Deeper Traveller is that you have a positive impact on the destination people and environment. 

One of the actions you can take is to do this is by offsetting your carbon created by you on your trip. 

Offsetting is included in the price of the Deeper Travel Kit and Deeper Travel Consulting but if you would like to purchase additional offsets then click on the link below.

Offset your travel

Deeper Travellers contribute to others. The purchase price of the Deeper Travel Kit and Deeper Travel Consultation includes 10% donation to

Kiva is a fantastic organisation that provides mostly women with small loans so they can start their own small business, go to school, and improve the lives of their families.  

Click the link below to learn more about Kiva and to make additional donations.

You are going to purchase travel insurance anyway, so why not do some good with your purchase.


Buy your travel insurance using this form and we will give any commission (often around 10% of your policy value) to our favourite charity


It will be the same cost to you if you purchase through the links below or directly through the company website - so why not do some good.