Why Travel With Us

Save Significant Time

It takes hours upon hours to search the internet, investigate all the flight, accommodation sites, work out how they all work and how to make the most of them. 

Leave this to us, we have vast experience, know all the shortcuts and tricks and we can do all the hard time-consuming work for you.

Stress Free

Avoid the headaches, stress, uncertainty of ‘did I pick the right hotel and/or guide and/or activity/experience,’ and the many hidden costs of working with most online travel sites.

Sometimes things go sideways while travelling — cancelled flights, weather conditions that change plans, etc. — we are there to help you navigate around those challenges stress free.

Handcrafted Itineraries Just For You

We will handcraft your Journey so it is perfect for you. 

You'll get flights with efficient connections, accommodation that has local flavour but also has all the comforts you need (it's not likely to be a large chain hotel).


You'll get that perfect mixture of some of the classic experiences of your destination as well as some less travelled adventures - all according to your particular interests.  

Transparent Pricing. Not Commission Based

We don't take commission from travel partners so our whole focus is on what's right for you.

The cost of your travel is fully transparent - there are no hidden costs kickbacks or commissions.

We deal directly with local operators and online travel partners. This means that the cost of your holiday choices isn't bloated by markups and middleman commissions.

Using local companies means more money stays locally rather than to international companies.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Travel and adventure are as much about culture as they are about physical activities and sightseeing, so we do our best to create opportunities for you to connect with and experience the local culture in an authentic and meaningful way. Handcrafted activities could include cooking classes, home stays, meetings with local historians, attending local spiritual ceremonies, personal local guides, etc.

Our travellers often cite these experiences as the highlights of their travel.

We want you to have experiences that few other travellers have!!

Time to Relax and Recharge

We handcraft opportunities for you to explore on your own, have a massage, linger over that second cup of coffee while you read a book or simply people watch. Your holiday will be the perfect mix of action and doing your own thing, whatever that may be. 

Local Hotels and Tour Operators

We do our best to work with locally-owned and operated hotels and with local guides and/or tour operators as much as possible. This means there is more opportunity to connect with local people with more local knowledge. This also helps contribute to the local economy by keeping money in that destination.

We love talking to travellers

Contact us or complete our Travel Form to begin your adventure. 

How Our Pricing Works


One of our core beliefs is transparency - you will know exactly how much everything costs and where your money is going. We don't take commissions from suppliers. This means that we can recommend experiences that are unique and best suit you - not the ones that will give us the best kickback!

  • Following our initial conversation we will prepare a high level itinerary concept.

  • You then pay your Handcrafting deposit of $150.

  • We prepare your detailed unique custom itinerary taking into consideration your interests, preferences, timeframe, budget, and more.

  • We get a price from our partners and online sources for that handcrafted itinerary — a price that compares favourably to what you would find online if you were to take the time to put the whole itinerary together yourself.

  • We add 10% (minus the $150 you have already paid) to that price to compensate for our time, travel design expertise, travel mentoring, relationship building, etc.